Unlocking hybrid workforce productivity

As organisations move forward and adapt to the impacts of the lockdown, their focus is increasingly on the edge computing ecosystem and the user experience it can deliver. The market is changing as more  companies look to hybrid workforce models to drive productivity growth and improved collaboration. A shift of this magnitude across all sectors of the market has never been seen before and organisations are trying to understand the implications and the benefits this new world offers.

By 2023 75% of the worlds top 2000 companies will implement a workforce model that is hybrid by design

Many organisations are planning ahead to a hybrid workforce model and are seeking ways to empower their employees, wherever they are, and support ongoing productivity. Edge computing has become a focus for local enterprises, in line with IDC’s predictions of an 80% increase in edge-driven devices to drive global productivity.

The end-user experience has also become crucial in the quest for a more productive workforce able to create, collaborate and connect conveniently, whether they are working from home, on the road or in the office. Enhancing productivity use to mean extended battery life, mobility and supplying software tools. Now, it includes a shift in how end-user devices are used, peripherals supporting an enhanced experience, with a partner ecosystem that focuses on services integrated into a seamless package, to improve the user experience and so drive productivity. 

Top 10 IT Industry Predictions Worldwide

The graph above from IDC’s 2021 predictions report provides a snapshot on the emerging market trends with “Hybrid by Design” as one of their major predictions.


The first step on the journey to embracing a hybrid workforce is the implementation of new working models and tools such as Microsoft Teams. 


If you would like to find out more about this future direction and how your organisation can participate in the this emerging trend, get in touch.



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